Vision & Values

Insistence on honesty and earnestness in Keeping promises

The Golden Principles of ABC Strategy

The business world ABC is founded on the basis of unique, ethical and healthy principles. They mould all our strategy of business and are instilled deeply in the top level executives who decide and design all our operations.

  • To start with, our Tag line “Make Relationship through Business” is the first and foremost principle we cherish and it conveys a great deal more than the few words it contains. Beyond words, it tells what we do and what we intend to do as business men.
  • To ABC, a satisfied customer is ‘a joy forever.’ Hence customers receive the respect and consideration due to them as their natural right. We uphold customers’ Satisfaction as the watchword of our business.
  • As successful business operators, ABC depends on the plans with a long run perspective. So we follow a de- centralized, professional and cluster Management approach at all levels which results in efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility in operations. The ultimate result is better customer service.
  • In the background of all our activities lies the work culture based on the value of give and take to inspire our colleagues whose invaluable service is the backbone of ABC. Hence the development of Human Resource attains top priority in the company.
  • Competitive advantage to clients is most glaring feature of ABC business. The whole sale imports, exports and procurement bring in economies of scale in the form of lower prices, which we shift to the advantage of the clients. Quite naturally, clients get the best price At ABC showrooms, say,much lower than the prices elsewhere. As the authorized dealer of all top quality Global brands of Tiles, Sanitary and bathroom fittings, our clients are privileged to purchase the best from a wide range.



“To help people transform their world”

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to transform.ABC believes in the
Power of transforming human life”


  • Relationship for Life

ABC has a lifelong commitment to its customers, employees ,stake holder, vendors and well-wishers. We are committed to help them to lead a happier, longer and fulfilling life

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction

 ABC provides customer experience that is not just the best, but exceptional. We relentlessly strive at delivering innovative and enduring products and services that are unmatched thus ensuring absolute customer satisfaction

  • Futuristic  and innovative

ABC rises up to a fresh world of ideas and a new way of life. It proudly bring state-of-the art designs & products from expertise across the world and spread innovative ideas.

  • Teamwork  for Excellence

For us Excellence is a habit. We are powered by a team that has outgrown individual Performance and has made excellence a reality.

  • Responsible & Result Oriented

We are committed to deliver responsible and result oriented product & service – we believe that , the success of our organization depends upon its responsibility to the society.

  • Win-win Co-operation

ABC  always achieves success through its unique win – win strategy. Our customers, employees, stakeholders and vendors will reap the benefits of happiness and good life