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Who we are

As part of globalization of ABC brand, ABC group has spread its wings in international operations especially targeting the Arabian Countries. We started our first showroom at Doha, Qatar in 2009 as our first International operation. Within a span of 8 years ABC group has grown to a global known business group. This tremendous grow is the result of the whole hearted patronage of our beloved customers, dedicated service of our employees and honest and service minded business practices we adopt. Presently, ABC is one of the most valuable global brands in the segment of Tiles, Sanitary wares and Bathroom fittings, selling all varieties and satisfying the demand of all sections of people arising out of their needs, dreams and affordability. The Company’s primary focus has been on products related to Ceramic & porcelain tiles, sanitary wares, bathroom fittings & allied products. ABC is the unique and single name in the field of Tiles, Sanitary Wares and bathroom fittings carrying out wholesale and retail trading, project, Import and exports and distribution.The growth of ABC is an inspiring story of a small business started with sub dealership in Tiles, sanitarywares etc acquiring the profile of the authorized dealer of all prestigious and high end global brands in sanitary, Tiles and Bathroom fittings.

who we are2

ABC business is on the path of transcending horizons. By 2020, ABC would extend its operations to various countries in Asia and Africa.With the wonderful and diverse product mix and wide array of renowned and quality global brands ABC has carved out a niche for itself in the trading world of Tiles, Sanitary wares and Bathroom Fittings. For catering the demand for suave and luxurious products we run Exclusive Emporiums of world class, costly , luxurious wares and fittings. These Luxury showrooms belong to the best 50 outlets in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan for luxurious Tile and Sanitary wares and Bathroom fittings. They are the models of architectural attraction and interior and exterior designs. At the same time, ABC is one of the largest and the best cost effective supplier and seller of medium and economy wares which keep international quality standards.

ABC offers the best customer care and service support with the assurance of attending complaint, if any, received over phone or email within 48 hours of its receipt. All the products we deal amazingly blend quality cost effectiveness and sophistication. The customer friendly and service oriented dealings of the ABC personnel make the shopping experience enjoyable and wholesome. The focus of our business dealings is helping people meet their needs in a better way.
To ABC, charity is a way of life and the management and staff respond spontaneously to calamities, dangers and mishaps, in short, to incidents where help is badly needed.


I asked for strength,

and god gave me difficulties to make me strong

i asked for wisdom,

and gave me problems to solve

i asked for prosperity,

and god gave me brawn & brain to work

i asked for courage,

and god gave me danger to overcome

i asked for love,

and god gave me troubled people to help

i asked for favour

and god gave me oppurtunities

i received nothing i wanted,

and received everything i need,


my prayer has been answered